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Intellectual Formation

Intellectual Formation at the Scot's College is something that informs the Spiritual life of the seminarian, helps to provide the basis from which Pastoral action proceeds and makes up part of his Human growth. Over a period of seven years, seminarians are given the opportunity to study Philosophy and Theology as well as the possibility of specialising in one of a number of disciplines.... Read more

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Spiritual Formation

The purpose of Spiritual formation is to enable the seminarian to learn to live in intimate and unceasing union with God the Father through his Son Jesus Christ, in the Holy Spirit. There are many aspects to spiritual formation; lectio divina (meditated reading of the Word of God), the Liturgy of the Hours and above all the Eucharistic celebration. The Sacrament of Reconciliation is very important... Read more

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Human Formation

The priest, who is called to be a "living image" of Jesus, should seek to reflect in himself, in as far as possible, the human perfection which shines forth in Christ, and is reflected in the Gospels. In seminary we try to cultivate human qualities, for proper and due growth and self-realisation with a view to ministry. These include; "being balanced, strong and free, capable of bearing the weigh... Read more

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Pastoral Formation

Pastoral formation, at its heart, is about putting on the mind of Christ so that pastoral charity informs and directs all that the priest does.The identity of the priest depends on, and is modelled on, the identity of Christ. The priest is one who brings people to Christ, who makes Christ present to them in the Word of God, in the Sacraments and in his pastoral care. The priest must imitate Christ... Read more