popeCan I see the Pope when I come to Rome?

We hope so! The Holy Father holds a General Audience every Wednesday in Vatican City at about 10:30 a.m. Public liturgies celebrated by the Holy Father include Canonization and Beatification Masses, as well as Masses for Solemn Liturgies, such as Christmas, New Year's Day (Solemnity of Mary, the Mother of God), Palm Sunday, Holy Week, and Easter Sunday.

On Sundays and Holy Days at noon, the Holy Father appears at the window of his study to lead pilgrims in a Marian Prayer and to impart his blessing. During the summer months, the Holy Father imparts this Sunday blessing in the courtyard of his summer residence, at Castle Gandolfo.

Tickets are not required to attend the Holy Father's Sunday Angelus (or Regina Caeli, during the Easter season) Prayer and blessing. Those desiring to receive this blessing can simply be in St. Peter's Square by noon on Sunday.


How can I get tickets to the Pope's events?

Wednesday Audience: Newlyweds


Where do I go to get my tickets?

St_Peters_Basilica_insideIs there a dress code?

Dress in good taste is requested. Shoulders must be covered. Shorts are not permitted, and skirts should fall in length below the knee. A head covering is not necessary, however, in the summer sun it may be helpful.


At what time are Masses at the major Basilicas of Rome?

Click here for a list of Masses at the major basilicas in Rome.


How do I arrange a tour of the Vatican Museum or Vatican Gardens?

Information about the Vatican Museums can be found here.

Information on Guided Tours of the Vatican Museums and Gardens can be found here.

Also http://www.vatican.va/ is a great source of information about the Vatican and the Holy Father.

How do I arrange a scavi tour?

scaviThe "Scavi" ("excavation" in English) is a very small area under St. Peter's Basilica where the tomb of St. Peter was believed to be found. It can accommodate approximately 150 people per day (15 persons/group). When it became public domain via the Internet, thousands of people began requesting entrance. It is not possible to satisfy all of those requests. When your e-mail bounces back, or goes unanswered, it usually means that the quota has been filled. The Scavi wishes to deal directly with their own clients and will not permit third party interventions. Even though we would like to assist, they will not permit us to do so.

Their website can be found here.

Excavations Office:
Ufficio Scavi Fax 39.06.6987.3017
Fabbrica di San Pietro Tel. 39.06.6988.5318
00120 Citta del Vaticano E-MAIL scavi@fsp.va

There are also many other scavi (Catacombs) in Rome that are worth seeing. Visit http://www.catecombe.roma.it for an excellent introduction.

God bless you as you prepare for your pilgrimage.

Where can I stay in Rome?

Santa Susanna provide a good list of recommended religious houses. Another useful website is Monastery Stays.